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     The prison has one Superintendent in charge of overall prison matters, one Deputy Superintendent assisting the Superintendent, one Secretary in charge of reviewing documents and contact among sections and offices.  There are six sections of Investigation, Edification and Education, Business, Sanitation and Health, and Guard and Control with four offices of Personnel, Accounting, Statistics and Government Ethics.  In addition, the Prison still has:
  • Prison Affairs Committee: This is composed of the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Secretary and executives of each section, with offices to take care of the treatment of inmates at the Prison and other major prison administration issues.
  • Instruction Committee of Investigation, Edification and Education, Business and Sanitation and Health to ensure the practice of the business.

organization chart of Yunlin Prison

    The agency’s budget posts allocated by the Ministry of Justice are 165 people and the existing staff is 155 people.
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