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Edification and Education

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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  1. Inculcation:
    1. Individual inculcation: Based on individual inmate cases, counselors and voluntary social workers offer inculcation. In the event of special conditions (family accidents and major violations of the law), additional counseling is provided.
    2. Collective inculcation: Counselors from educational blocks offer inculcation from time to time. In the meantime, we invite 33 knowledgeable and respectful as voluntary counselors to promote edification and education.
    3. Religious inculcation: We have people of Catholic, Christian and Buddhist backgrounds to serve as voluntary counselors to help with edification and education.
    4. Voluntary worker counseling: We invite people enthusiastic about service to serve as voluntary counselors and social workers to help with the care of inmates. We hold 2 Voluntary Worker Group Training Seminars each year to enhance their counseling skills and provide them with practical experiences.

  2. Education:
    1. Promotion of mental trips in video-study group
      To help implement intended learning outcomes for inmates, audio books in VCD format have been purchased—one set of each of “Life Winners”, “Operation Management”, “Mental Life” and “Suc-cessful Life” by Prof. Zhang Jin-guei. Inmates at each workshop discuss and share what they have learned from the video programs.. Video instruction provides a cost-effective method of educating inmates about more rewarding life choices and socially responsible means of attaining individual goals.
    2. Electronic education: In the e-era use of media and digital broadcasting tools can also help to strengthen the edification and education of inmates. Educational programs of Fusheng by Da-Ai Television, animal wonders, natural landscape and wonders in mainland China are played in the Broadcasting Room for inmates. At the Observation Ward for rule breakers, Buddhist Scripture is broadcast to help calm and relax inmates. .

  3. Progressive corrective measures and parole:
    1. Inmates with more than six months of a sentence served are classified to receive progressive cor-rective measures.
    2. In accordance with the Key Points of Establishment of the prison Parole Review Committee of the Ministry of Justice, we invite 8 scholars/specialists in psychological/mental therapy, society, law, detention and criminology to serve as non-certain members at our Parole Review Committee where the parole of prison inmates is carefully considered.

  4. Entertainment activities:
    At appointed times, inmates can exercise and watch educational and entertaining TV programs at worksites. Each month, competitions of volleyball, dodge ball, composition, Chinese calligraphy, tug of war, painting and singing are held to help them relax and foster senses of honors.

  5. Family activities:
    On the eves of Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and the Moon Festival, face-to-face gatherings of the inmates with family members are arranged. We also work with Chunghwa Telecom to hold phone meetings between inmates and family members. A total of 20 free lines are provided for inmates to talk to their family members.
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