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Facilitating the public

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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a view of the garden between the buildings
  1. Escort inmates home to visit the dead of family member according to Article 26-1 of En-forcement Rules of Law of Execution in prison.

  2. Convenience for inmates to meet family members: In addition to regular meetings, we approve meetings via distance video for family members living far away or after having experienced major accidents.  Also, an appointment for a meeting can be made viaphone or on the Internet  to avoid waiting times.

  3. Prompt issuance of applied documents: Upon reviewing documents applied for by the inmates and their family members, the Section of General Affairs will immediately issue the documents.

  4. Establishing various facilities to serve inmates’ family members: TV sets, air conditioners, water fountains, and electric fans are available in the waiting room for family members.  Also, one computer is available.

  5. Serving inmates’ family members with a friendly and kind attitude: A service table and voluntary workers are available in the Meeting Room to answer family members’ questions.  Two public phones are available for family members in the Meeting Room as well.

  6. Newspapers, magazines and a Service Manual are available at the Meeting Room for family members.

  7. Providing access-free environment for the blind with guiding bricks in the Waiting Room and Meeting Room

  8. To save time for family members, we have implemented the goal of Wait for One Minute Less; Making Family Members Trouble Free and Free from Waiting After Making a Reservation. We have a telephone reservation service at (05)6339660 ext. 871.
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