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Remote visitation

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  • Last updated:2023-11-28
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● Introduction:
Under the order of the Ministry of Justice, the prison began to allow “remote visitation” and handle relevant affairs starting in January of 2002 to achieve the purpose of serving the people. Remote visits allow relatives of inmate to visit inmates by using correctional institutions’ video equipment set up near their residence, so that they do not have to travel a long way to see the inmates who are serving their sentence or in custody in a faraway place.

● Application:
Fill out the Remote Visit Application Form, which is provided at our reception desk or can be downloaded at https://eservice.moj.gov.tw/1133/

● Relevant documents conforming to the suitable visiting applicant must be provided for application, such as disability card, medical certificate, or original copy or photocopy of household registration transcript. Applicant may file the application to the correctional institution a week before visitation by registered mail or fax. Upon approval, the correctional institution will send a response to the applicant by phone, written document and email to notify the date and time of visitation. After the applicant has receive the notification, he or she should go to an office that handles remote visitation affairs, provide original copy of credentials, and fill out a Remote Visitation Registration Form to visit the inmate through internet connection.

● Suitable applicant
Inmate’s spouse, lineal relatives, collateral relatives within the third degree of kinship, and affinal relatives within the second degree of kinship.
Family members:According to Article 1123 of the Civil Code, Persons who are not relatives but who live in the same household with the object of maintaining the common living permanently are deemed to be the members of the house.

● Remote visitation time:
Mon. to Fri.: 14:00-16:30, relatives may apply for one period (0.5 hour)

● Contact phone number:
Remote Visitation TEL:05-6365614   FAX:05-6322770 
Guard and Control Section: ZHE-JUN ZHANG
Visitation  TEL:05-6365614 FAX:05-6322770 
Guard and Control Section: ZHE-JUN ZHANG

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