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Our ultimate goal is to  provide inmates with life skills,  provide them with vocational training and help them adjust to society.

  1. Business courses:
    We have 12 business workshops.  Most revenues are generated by  contracts from companies.  Our own business courses are in carpentry and printing with five additional vocational courses in electronics, sewing, washing/ironing and iron working.  The major concern of  these courses is  the acquisition of working skills by inmates. The prison aims to enhance business operations to ensure stable revenues and improved quality of life for inmates.  Our Business Operation Performance Assessment in 2004 and 2005 were judged as “superior” by the Ministry of Justice.
  2. Skill training:
    We have  4 occupational skill training classes in furniture carpentry, interior assembly, Cochin ceramics and hand made adobe.  Also, we add 2  short-term classes on eatery and Chinese knots.  We invite teachers from nearby schools and folk art specialists to teach.  We boast close to a 100% success rate  in students attaining the Level C Technician Certificate  in classes requiring certification.  Thanks to the generous teaching of experts, students at Cochin ceramics and hand made adobe have pre-sented various works and won approval at home and abroad.  The works have been exhibited at 16 places including Yunlin County Cultural Center, Chiayi Municipal Center and Zhongyuan Culture Festival at  Huwei.
  3. One characteristic for one prison:
      Making of Cochin ceramics is a local innovation.  It is the major  focus of the Prison’s business and skill training.  Our Cochin Training Class helps inmates acquire skills and preserve  a dying form of traditional workmanship. In June, 2006, we had worked with maestro Lu Yong-qing (formerly Lu Sheng-nan) of Cochin ceramics and the Son of Heaven inscribed by our Superintendent Wu Zhong-he to make Cochin ceramics as the innovative form.  That presents the most significant characteristic of skill training within the prison.
    artware 1 of traditional workmanshipartware 2 of traditional workmanshipartware 3 of traditional workmanship
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