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General Affair

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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The Prison is like a logistics troop, attempting to take good care of daily routines, incoming/outgoing inmates, procurement, and maintenance of the Prison.. Business is divided into Roster management, Custodian, property/dormitory management, Miscellaneous affairs, procurement/maintenance, cashier, receipt/transference of public documents and archiving.

  1. Roster management: Upon the arrival of inmates, we investigate judgements against them, oversee instructions for execution and other required documents and conduct health examinations. For those who meet the usual conditions for imprisonment, we complete imprisonment procedures and establish their status books..

  2. Property keeping: After examination all belongings other than day-to-day necessities, have to be kept while an inmate is imprisoned. The labor income is kept, too. The property kept by an inmate can only be used after approval is granted in accordance with the laws. The balance of belongings will be returned to inmates when they are released from prison.

  3. Improving the foods of inmates: The food for each inmate is 0.540 kg in summer (May through October) and 0.590 kg in winter (November through April), equaling NT$1,500/person/month. Imprisonment fee is around NT$200. Representatives from each workshop are selected to be part of a Dining Improvement Team in charge of kitchen supervision, weighing, and accounts. Monthly meetings are held to review the dining situation. The profits from labor income and cooperative stores are used to subsidize dining. The interest generated by funds is subject to use by the Dining Improvement Team.
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