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2024/6/11 Entertainment Activity

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  • Last updated:2024-06-18
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On June 11, 2024, "writing competition" for inmates was held, The group group consists of 5 people forming a team. When familiar music plays, listen carefully and work together to guess the name of the song If you guess the answer just by listening to the intro, you will get 2 points. If you guess the answer correctly after listening to the song content, you will get 1 point. The senior group competed as individuals and guessed nostalgic old songs to determine the winner. The competition process was both relaxing and exciting. After the answers were announced, the students also sang together and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

In the end, the 5th factory won the championship, followed by the 10th factory and the 4th factory in second and third place respectively. In the senior citizen group, Jane from the 1th factory won the first place, followed by Wu from the 7th factory and Hong from the 11th factory in second and third place respectively.

"writing competition"
"writing competition"

"racking one's brains"
racking one's brains

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